Kader Diaby


Kader Diaby is a photographer, artistic director and fashion designer based in Abidjan. He has been interested in different artistic and design practices for several years. Photography became a main tool of expression for Kader Diaby when he started his Instagram Stories. He quickly ventured into exploring more content-oriented narratives with a 35mm film camera.

Asked about his photography practice, Kader replies:
"With photography, do I tackle subjects like my own individuality, as opposed to how we Africans generally define ourselves today? Where is my generation going in this globalized world which tends to standardize cultures? What defines the locality of a home when our references are more and more alike? Death is another subject that I bring up regularly in my work. I enjoy working in collaboration with other artists and wish to do more with people from different cultural backgrounds in the near future. Sharing is what makes art what it is."